Obala Kneza Domagoja 12, 21000, Split

Split Harbor and Bus station

The main passenger terminals of road, maritime and railway traffic are located on the eastern part of the city’s port of Split, where public transport is taking place, and the departure and arrival of buses.

The bus station was built in 1968. Passenger traffic is on a steady rise, but has not yet reached the number of passengers traveling in pre-war years. In this part of the city harbor space, facilities and traffic areas are used for loading, disembarking and exchange of passengers within each terminal, as well as between certain aspects of traffic flowing between source-destination and transit movements, and loading and unloading of vehicles on trains. In addition to these facilities, the area of ​​the eastern coast of the city harbor attracts a large number of vehicles and pedestrians due to the proximity of the city center and main market. The city port plays a significant role in the development of Split through the 1700 years of the city’s existence.

This is the result of the traffic-geographical position of the City of Split, where the progressive development of the transport resources takes place in an integral transport system.

British Maritime Traffic Expert, or Port, J.F. Slogget, for Split’s town port, wrote in 1990 the following:
“Most ferry ports would be willing to invest millions of dollars to achieve a possible degree of integration of transport now existing in Split.”


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