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City harbour Split has a special significance as an intersection of all forms of traffic.

The city harbour area is connected with wider region, besides road and sea traffic, also by other trafic subsystems: railroad, airline and telecommunication into a unique traffic system. All subsystems optimally differentiate their participation in passenger and goods traffic.

The main goal of all above mentioned traffic subsystems is optimal proceeding of traffic flow on areas of eastern coast of city harbour and connection with the entire region through the city streets, roads and highways in order to reach distant destinations in the region and the rest of the country.

The importance of city harbour is exceptional during the summer season, when the intesified movings of personal vehicles of tourist guests is added to the usual out-of-season traffic conditions. Also, the number of heavy transport vehicles is enlarged in all directions: region-city-harbour-islands and vice-versa, but also international nautical connections with Italy and Greece.

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